This is our Team!

  • Monica Pasinato-Forchielli, B.Comm, RMT

    Monica Pasinato-Forchielli RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) holds an honours degree in Commerce and has been an RMT in Ontario, Canada for 17 years. She is co-owner of Family Massage Therapy in Hamilton, Ontario.  In 2015, Family Massage Therapy and Meadowlands Chiropractic owned by Dr. Andria Hoda joined teams and became ONE Wellness Group - a multidisciplinary clinic, spa, and wellness centre.  Monica is also owner of FMT Wellness a national professional product distributor.

    In addition, Monica is Chief Visionary Officer and Vice President of ONE Concept Inc., the parent company of the American Massage Conference and Canadian Massage Conference. She is passionately committed to improving the health and well being of this planet as a whole.

  • Kim O'Hara
    Chances are, our office manager and Chiropractic Health Assistant, Kim O'Hara will be the first person you meet at FMT Wellness. After being a stay-at-home mom for over 7 years, Kim was ready for some grownup interaction when she joined the Meadowlands family in 2011. She does love when parents bring their babies in for adjustments, though and she gets to snuggle with them while their parents have their turn! Prior to her first day, Kim had never had a chiropractic adjustment... now she is a total believer in the benefits of regular chiropractic care..

  • Dr. Andria Hoda, DC,

    Dr. Andria has been providing outstanding chiropractic care in the community for over ten years. She is also one of the biggest proponents of continuing education for chiropractors, founding and managing Canada's first online continuing education website for the profession, It's Andria's commitment to health and wellness that keeps her clientele coming back and continually referring friends and family to her care.  Dr. Andria was the recipient of the 2014 Reader's Choice Platinum Award for Best Chiropractor in Hamilton.



    Dr. Erica Hoda, DC
    Dr. Erica may have followed in her sister's footsteps when she graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2006 after obtaining a degree in Health Sciences from The University of Western Ontario, but she is definitely making her mark in the community. She has since been providing chiropractic care to people of all ages with a zestful approach to patient care, as well as her passion for healing. Continuing her education remains a priority as she is committed to providing the very best chiropractic care and health information to her patients, and to the community.  Dr. Erica was the recipient of the 2014 Reader's Choice Diamond award for Best Chiropractor in Hamilton.





  • Monica Pasinato-Forchielli, B.Comm, RMT

    Monica Pasinato-Forchielli RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) holds an honours degree in Commerce and has been an RMT in Ontario, Canada for 17 years. She is co-owner of Family Massage Therapy in Hamilton, Ontario.  In 2015, Family Massage Therapy and Meadowlands Chiropractic owned by Dr. Andria Hoda joined teams and became ONE Wellness Group - a multidisciplinary clinic, spa, and wellness centre.  Monica is also owner of FMT Wellness a national professional product distributor with offices in Ontario and Alberta.

    In addition, Monica is Chief Visionary Officer and Vice President of ONE Concept Inc., the parent company of the American Massage Conference and Canadian Massage Conference. She is passionately committed to improving the health and well being of this planet as a whole. In March 2016, Monica began a new adventure in India. She is the Associate Director of the newly inaugurated International Medical Massage Therapy Institute.



    Phil Hatton RMT, Orthopedic Massage

    Phil went to Canadian Therapeutic College in Burlington which incidentally was only down the street from where he lived while looking at new careers. After graduating the course in 2005 with a diploma in Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy and gaining his license Phil found work in Oakville with a Chiropractor. While working at the clinic Phil was able to help by providing massage therapy before or after a Chiropractic treatment to get the most out of a clients visit.

    Wanting to further expand his skills Phil found another position of work at Family Massage Therapy in late 2011. Bringing his experience and yearning to learn more Phil fit perfectly in with the rest of the staff and has been a joy to work with. 
    Being multi-talented he now is also doing social media, marketing, and website design for FMT, and the ONE Concept group.

    He has become proficient in neck/shoulder, deep tissue, pregnancy, headache massages, and myofascial release, and loves to learn new techniques at every one of our Conferences across North America.
    In his new position of Lead RMT he helps manage and hire our RMT's and facilitates in the aid of students from surrounding schools with clinical or volunteer hours.

    Phil has been studying under the foremost teacher of Orthopedic Massage James Waslaski and now offers treatments in Orthopedic Massage and which has focus on complicated problems in all joints of the body including Frozen shoulder, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Tendinosis and more!


    Monica Connolly RMT

    Monica is Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) since spring of 2012 and a member of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (RMTAO).
    She graduated from the Ontario College of Health and Technology (OCHT) in Stoney Creek, ON. Monica is certified in Contemporary Cupping Therapy and is experienced in deep tissue massage, myofascial release and treating overall muscular tension.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and snuggling with her baby and two puppies. 


    Scott Dartnall RMT, World Massage Conference, ONE Concept






     Carrie Ashworth, RMT
    Experienced Registered Massage Therapist specializing in Swedish &  deep connective tissue massage, headaches, tech relief, upper body & shoulder tension, decreased mobility and nerve entrapment issues. 


    Melissa Wallace, RMT

    Melissa was originally trained as a photographer. As well as doing wedding photography, she worked in the Gaming industry. After many years in those two careers, she felt that she needed a change in her path. She decided that a career in which she could help people and make them feel their best would be more suitable. She decided to enroll at Trillium College in Burlington (now Oxford College) in the Massage Therapy Program. While waiting to take her registration exams to become a Registered Massage Therapist, she joined the One Concept / Family Massage Therapy team in the reception role. Throughout her time working as one of our part-time receptionists, she gained an appreciation for the health care industry, as well as developing a healthy and positive rapport with our clients.

    Melissa completed her Massage Therapy Program at Trillium in December 2015, graduating with an honours standing. She has recently completed the registration process and is excited to put her skills to work.

    She uses both Swedish and Non-Swedish techniques, with a focus on rehabilitation and injury prevention. She is very interested in continual learning, and is constantly adding techniques and approaches to her repertoire with the goal of being the best therapist she can be.





  • Ruxandra Cipriani  Holistic Esthetician, Pranic Healer, ONE Concept Educator in Aromatherapy

    From as far back as I can remember, my parents had been using natural products for every day use, but also for treatment of different complaints. It makes sense, if you think of our history as a species, that our bodies would respond easily to plants as food or as medicine. Our immune systems have evolved over thousands of years with plants in our diets and as remedies for whatever happened to ail us at any given moment. Plants have been our medicines for longer than anyone can document. It only stands to reason that our bodies are accustomed to responding to these plants because our bodies recognize the chemical components in these plants and know how to apply them for our overall well-being.

    I have continued this tradition into my own family now, and I believe that not only should we eat organic food - which every health professional will tell you it’s good for you - but that we should also strive to use as many things as possible in our everyday routines that are natural or organic, be it shampoos or soaps, or creams we put on our faces, or cleaners with which we clean our homes. Everything we touch ultimately ends up in the same places as what we eat:  in our blood stream, to be processed by our kidney and liver. So, for the sake of everyone in my family, I keep all those products as clean as possible, so that everyone’s kidneys and livers can take a little break from all that detoxifying they need to do on a daily basis. With that in mind, I decided that I would take aromatherapy, to better understand the properties and cautions in the plants that I am using.

    I find everything about plants fascinating and I incorporate as much aromatherapy and natural products as I can in all my treatments. I believe it is important, to our continued well-being and to our future as a race, to use and maintain a more natural frame of mind when it comes to all our treatments.

    Ruxandra is a licensed esthetician with a certificate from Mohawk College, who has a background as a holistic practitioner. Her holistic training includes Pranic Healing courses taken through the Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing, and aromatherapy courses taken through the Balnea Institute School of Complementary Therapies.

    Ruxandra provides full esthetic services, with a holistic twist.

    Therefore, her Beautiful One and Thai Stem facials are done with organic products, her relaxation massages incorporate aromatherapy, her manicures and pedicures include soaks and massages with organic essential oils and, as for the hair removal services she provides for both men and women, she employs a range of mediums, from organic soy wax – to sugar – to threading.


  • Jo-Anne McInnis, Reiki Master

    Jo-Anne retired from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) in 2013 after 41 years of service.  During that time Jo-Anne helped organize and actively participated in numerous health fairs to help raise staff's awareness of both traditional and alternative healing methods.  This often involved working in partnership with other Boards of Education.  Most noteworthy was the annual AWARE! Fair, hosted by the Hamilton and Halton District School Boards.  This event, free of charge to all employees, provided staff with the opportunity to see presentations, take part in interactive demonstrations and gather information from more than 60 healthcare professionals.  In 2009 this Committee won the HWDSB's Profiling Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding accomplishment and contribution to public education.

    Jo-Anne’s strong interest in natural healing guided her to obtain training in various modalities, but Reiki is what she is most passionate about.  She initially certified in 2000 and repeated all levels of training with a second Reiki Master in 2010 in order to further develop her skills as a Reiki Practitioner / Teacher.  During her 17 years of practice she assisted with the opening and operation of a local healing centre, where she offered Reiki and has also provided Reiki through a home-based business, gym and clinical setting.  Her experience includes treating people in physical pain, with multiple head injuries, post-traumatic stress, emotional stress, sleeping disorders and even those wanting to overcome fears.  Jo-Anne has also given Reiki as a complement to other, more traditional treatments being received for injuries sustained in car accidents.  As a member of the HWDSB's Crisis Response Team, Jo-Anne offered Reiki to fellow members of the Team.  In addition, she has used the amazing power of Reiki to perform absent healing for those critically ill in hospital, as well as to help people going through job interviews, court hearings and more.  And as a Reiki Master / Teacher, she has certified others in Reiki.

    Jo-Anne’s exposure to a diverse range of healthcare professionals over the years has helped her realize the critical importance of bodily pH and detoxifying for optimal health.  As a result, she has been providing ionic foot detoxification treatments since 2009.  Clients have reported feeling lighter following their treatments, as well as improved clarity, mood, breathing, flexibility, digestion, elimination and sleep.  Treatments have also helped with migraines, the alleviation of pain, weight loss, removal of yeast and heavy metals. 

    We trust that you will enjoy and benefit from the relaxing effects of Reiki and Jo-Anne’s calming nature.  We also invite you to experience the valuable benefits of ionic detoxification.

  • Bianca Sanchez B.A., RT., M.S.W., R.S.W.

    Bianca Sanchez is a registered clinical Social Worker and the owner of Solace Therapy. She received her B.A. (hons) from Brock University; her M.S.W. from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Mental Health, Health and Addiction studies; and completed a certificate at McMaster University in Rehabilitation Therapy, specializing in Acquired Brain Injuries. She is currently completing a diploma in Addiction Studies at McMaster University.

    Bianca has worked in various community agencies throughout Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Much of her work has been in the field of addictions, providing counselling and facilitating groups; and in foster care, providing support to children and youth. She has also volunteered as a Grant and Research Writer for Liberty for Youth and continues to support the charity.

    Bianca entered the field of social work with a desire to aid vulnerable people. Her work has been built on the foundation of anti-oppressive practice, trauma informed care and social justice; and primarily focuses on Mental Health, Addictions and Stress Management. Bianca’s practice model draws from various therapeutic modalities such as Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Behavioural Activation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Bianca’s approach to practice is collaborative and co-constructive by allowing the patient the power to share and reclaim their life story to achieve therapeutic healing.

  • Vaughn Maye

    Kaplan University – Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science
    CSEP – Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
    TWIST Athletes Workshop
    TWIST Sports Conditioning Specialist – GOLD
    CSCS cad – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    Sports Testing Specialist
    Precision Nutrition (the essentials of sport and exercise nutrition)
    SNS – Sports Nutrition Specialist
    Canadian Nutrition Institute – Holistic Nutrition
    Mohawk College – Health, Wellness and Fitness
    International School of Fitness – Nutrition
    First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor
    Coach – Hockey, Soccer and Lacrosse

    As an athlete, trainer and body builder, I have spent more than 35 years in the Health and Fitness Industry.  I have both a dedication to learning and a passion to deliver the best services and state of the fitness solutions, and this has led me to become a leader in the field of fitness and wellness.  Through ongoing courses and certifications, my background and knowledge is extensive and unparalleled.  Over the last many years, I have taken my training and knowledge abroad, traveling within both Canada and the USA to not only expand my own skill set, but also to assist other fitness professionals and elite trainers with facility set up and nutrition training programs.
    As an athlete, I am a former body builder, have a black belt in Shotokan Karate and am a Certified PADI Open Water diver.  I pass on my passion for all things fitness and sport to my clients through my work.  Known for my Cutting Edge Training, results, and ability to foster motivation, I have trained thousands of clients of all ages from the inexperienced to the most athletic.  I have shared my knowledge and experience speaking at seminars, training one on one, and via groups and teams to improve mind-body wellness through highly specific and results-oriented programs.
    My background in anatomy, nutrition, and exercise science, along with my continual drive to remain apprised of the latest and ever-changing fitness protocols and research has earned me recognition as one of the top fitness experts in North America.

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